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Trapped in the restricted city of Bell, Ede lives in a world of stories. But when her husband begins talking about rebellion against the occupying "Strangers," Ede is forced to make an impossible decision that will take her away from her family and her traditions, and thrust her into an unfamiliar and hostile culture. With nothing to rely on but her tapestry of stories, Ede is unsure she will find a way to heal. With her gentle voice and quiet tales, Ede narrates a story of pain, forgiveness and growth. As she explores the path of cultural and personal identity, Ede must come face to face with what it means to change, and to live a strong story of her own.

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The corrections company

Fourteen-year-old Norah discovers a world of magic unlike anything she has ever seen--magic used by a secret company to change sad book endings and create alternate happy endings.  After working with the company for some time, she is cast into a life-threatening nether world after refusing to follow the Company's "correction" to a book with a tragic, but important, conclusion.  Her choices expose treachery and corruption at the root of the company and cause a crescendo of conflict with some of the most senior magicians in the company.

This series is unpublished, as of now. If you would like to preview a copy, please contact me.

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