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playwriting for the contemporary church

Christ the King Presbyterian Church rehearses for Kings in Judea, 2017

Christians have had a tempestuous relationship with the theater. Sometimes in harmony, sometimes at odds, the church has banned theater multiple times and often viewed it with skepticism or outright fear.


It is true that theater is a powerful tool that can be harmful in the wrong hands, and yet it can also be a powerful tool for good. As medieval Christians understood, there is no better way than theater for engaging a community, sharing truth, imaging our creative God, and remembering his works.

The church's trove of plays is impoverished. There are very few works available that are suitable for use by a church looking for quality theater either about the lives of the saints, or drawn directly from scripture. I am embarking on a project in which I intend to write one play every year for use by the contemporary church: a play using the words of scripture, adapted from an older work of sacred theater, or on a theme/story of interest.


Below you will find some of my completed works and works in process. If you would like more information or to ask about performing one of the pieces, please feel free to contact me.

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